“Chunk’d” spicy cheesey kalbi beef tater tots 8

House-made “Dae ji” spicy pork croquetas 6

House-made napa kimchi egg rolls, ginger hot sauce 5 (vegetarian)

Papa’s house-made lumpia shrimp & pork spring rolls 5

Calamari “Ika geso age” style, ssamjang sweet chili 8

Japanese edamame w ginger garlic or Japanese salt 6 (vegan)

Korean(?) spicy tater tots 3 (vegan)

6 piece “KFC” Korean fried chicken wings 7

6 piece Korean fried jumbo shrimp 7 …or grilled

½ rack Honey-orange baby back ribs 15

Organic white Japanese miso soup w soba noodles, chicken, sprouts & scallions 7

Burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches & tacos Served WITH spicy tater tots

Angus beef “Bulgogi” burger 9

“Beast” DOUBLE angus beef “Bulgogi” burger 11

“Kdog” w house-made kimchi slaw, house-made mustard & tots on top 8

Cracklin’ sous vide duck herb sandwich 10

(2) Dirty south Korean pulled pork sliders w house-made kimchi slaw & quick pickle 10

(2) Angus beef “kalbi” soft taco 10

(2) Spicy crispy shrimp soft taco 11

Bao steamed buns (2 per order)

Our 8 hour roast pork w house-made sweet chili sauce & quick pickle 8

“Banh mi” sous vide kurobuta pork belly, pate de tete, house-made mayo, kimchi carrots & pickle 9

Soft shell crab house-made spicy mayo & pickle 9

Big Bowls

Salad w grilled chicken breast, peanuts, scallion & house-made honey lemon dressing 12

Salad w grilled hanger Asian steak, roasted sesame, bean sprout & ginger dressing 14

“The big salad” peanuts, scallions & house-made honey lemon dressing 7 (vegan)

Honey-orange baby back ribs, ginger brussel sprouts, Thai jasmine rice 13

“Dae ji” spicy pork tenderloin, butter’d broccoli, Thai coconut rice w peanuts 14

“KFC” Korean fried chicken wings, house-made napa kimchi & pickle, Thai jasmine rice 11

Grilled chicken breast, SK salad w house-made honey lemon dressing, peanuts, brown rice 12

“Bulgogi” angus beef ssam, house-made napa kimchi & pickle, bean sprouts, rice & bibb 14

“Bo ssam” our 8 hour roast pork, grilled shrimp, house-made napa kimchi & pickle, rice & bibb 14

“Popcorn” shrimp ssam, house-made napa kimchi & pickle, rice & bibb 14

“Sae woo” spicy Korean fried shrimp, butter’d broccoli, Thai coconut rice w peanuts 15

Steamed tofu, Korean bbq sauce, butter’d cauliflower, ginger bok choy, brown rice 12 (Vegetarian)

Kimchi “jigae” a spicy hearty organic miso stew with kimchi, roasted pork and jasmine rice 14

“4 vegetables” ginger & butter sauce served w California brown rice 12 (vegetarian) or (vegan)

Vegan & Vegetarian sides

Ginger brussel sprouts 6

Ginger American broccoli 6

Grilled Swank Farms eggplant 7

Steamed baby bok choy 6

House-made napa kimchi 2

Butter’d cauliflower or broccoli 6

Steamed rice

Thai jasmine 3

California brown 4

Thai coconut w crushed peanuts & scallion 5

Kids menu served w choice of tater tots, rice or SK salad 6

Grilled chicken breast or Angus beef burger or Nathan’s all beef hotdog

@sakayakitchen www.sakayakitchen.com WE DELIVER

Wife Hales’ fresh baked cookies 2

Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Oatmeal Walnut Raisin,

Double Chocolate Chip, Blueberry & Cream, “Snickerdoodle” cinnamon

“K’dunk” Milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut chips, peanut butter filled pretzels

Hand-made milk shakes 5

Local Panther Coffee espresso, Red velvet cream cheese, Blueberry key lime

Chocolate, nutella w or without bacon

Local Panther Coffee

Espresso 2.50 – Macchiato 3 – Cappuccino 4 – Latte or iced latte 4.50

Tea, Soda or Water

Hot black tea or Lemon ice water Free

Fresh brew iced tea 2 (free refills), Bottled water 2

Mexican Coke, Fanta, Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Perrier or Jarritos 3

American Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero 2

Boylan’s old fashioned sodas or IBC root beer & diet root beer 3

Organic Mint & Honey Tea 3

Martinelli Apple Juice, Orangina 4

Draft Beer

Magic Hat 5

Holy Mackeral 6

Monk in the Trunk 5

Bottled Beer

Shipyard Light 5, Victory Golden Monkey 5, Hazed & Infused Dry Hop Ale 5,

Native Lager 5, Magic Hat #9, Ayinger Brau-weisse 6, Dogfish Head 90 min IPA 6,

Rogue Red Fox Amber Ale 8, Rogue White Crane Bitter Ale 8, Rogue Buckwheat Ale 8

Japanese Sake

Plum Tozai ume shu “Blossom of peace” 6 by the glass

Tozai “Typhoon” 6 by the glass

300 ml Junmai Tozai “Living Jewel” Kyoto 17

300 ml junmai Tentaka Kuni “Hawk in the heavens” Tochigi 24

300 ml Junmai Nigori Tozai “Snow maiden” Kyoto 17

300 ml Junmai gingo Mantensei “Star filled sky” Tottori 24

300 ml Junmai Gingo Nanbu Bijin “Southern beauty” Iwate 24

Wine by the bottle 750ml


187ml Blanc de blancs NV Francois Montand 9


187 ml Chardonnay 2011 Santa Julia, Mendoza Argentina 7

Sauvignon blanc 2011 Araucano Reserva, Valle de lolol Chile 18

Pinot Blanc 2009 Blank, Alsace France 21

Riesling 2010 Bernkastel-kues Saarstein, Mosel Germany 18

Gruner Veltliner 2010 “Grune lady” Summerer, Langenlois Austria 20

Chardonnay 2010 Mountain View, Monterey County, California 15


187 ml Malbec 2011 Santa Julia, Mendoza Argentina 7

Pinot noir “Les Oliviers” 2010 Tortoise Creek, Pays d’Oc France 17

Cotes du Rhone 2010 Saint Cosme, Rhone Valley France 20

Merlot 2008 Electric City, Columbia Valley Washington 17

Malbec 2010 Urban UCO, Valle de Uco, Mendoza Argentina 20

Cabernet 2009 Cartlidge & Browne, North Coast, California 18