Richard Hales


Chef Richard always wanted a restaurant of his own and spent the first two decades of his life dreaming about, the second two decades working in the industry and the last four years opening them.  In 2009 Sakaya Kitchen Midtown, 2010 Dim Ssam a gogo food truck, 2011 Sakaya Kitchen Downtown, 2012 Sakaya Kitchen Catering, 2013 Blackbrick Chinese.  Notably he has been a Sommelier in the past besides a cook but now most importantly a Dad.    

Jenny Hales


Jenny has a serious background in high finance in the commercial real estate industry with a masters degree in business but that could not trump the desire to raise and take care of a family.  Somehow amongst the chaos of home life a baker was born.  What started out as a treat at home turned into a 200 dozen a month one and only dessert at Sakaya Kitchen, the "Wife Hales' Cookie."  Jenny also collects all the $$$. 

Jenny & Richard live in Miami with their daughters

Chef Richard eating bugs in Korea

Jenny Hales getting a tattoo